Disney's Ice Station
At Epcot Center, Florida
Not all arctic stations are in the arctic region. Disney along with the sponser, Coca-cola have created an attraction  at Epcot, that is a nice recreation of an arctic science station, complete with plenty of gear and testing equipment.
The station is marked on the outside by a giant ice crawler, sure to attract your attention. Then as you enter you must pass through a tunnel-like hallway where it snows all the time. A kind worker attempts to keep the walkway clear with a snow shovel. Once inside there is a large room filled with all the equipment that a scientific station could ever need. Many neatly stored suits and provisions. In the center are large pieces of "scientific equipment " which allows the guest to "test cold soft drinks from around the world. All provided to the public, by Coca-cola, at no cost to the guest!
There is of couse the customary gift shop where a guest may buy coca-cola logo items.
This  dispaly gives a quality impression of an arctic science station, and the details in the station are somewhat educational.

 Welcome to Ice Station Cool
 This is a recreation of the most recent
Refreshus Maximus expedition site where we made one of our "coolest" discoveries yet.
You'll discover him just around the corner.

Further ahead, you can also discover some of the exciting flavors
Coca-cola Coolologists have brought back from around the world.
Join other Coolologists and explore refreshment culture old and new.


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