Calamity Jane
(Martha Jane Cannary)
Dawson City, Yukon territory, 1898
Martha Jane (Calamity Jane) Cannary, late 1800s
June 23, 1898
Calamity Jane, of Deadwood and Leadville fame, and one of Wells-Fargo's most trusted detectives, is in Dawson. The life of this woman has been filled with wild adventures, and on more than one occasion she has been forced to take human life in defense of her own; yet a kinder, truer character would be hard to find. In upholding the law and defending what is right, she is braver than most men, she is gentle and refined as any of her Eastern sisters. There is a suggestion in the steel-blue eyes, however, that would  warn the unwary, and a glance at the half-sad face indicates that her life has not been all sunshine.
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