Known today as Point Barrow, on the North Slope of Alaska
by: Jack McSherry, III
This village is now a ghost town, there are no residents here. The local legend, which we could not verify, which a native in Barrow told us, is  that Nuvuk was a village of about 1000 people, and disappeared around 1900. They said that the people lived in sod or dug-out houses, and when they died, the house was covered over and became their grave. Therefore, a visitor could expect the possiblity of seeing human bones among the the sand dunes. We saw no human bones, but the area is littered with the bones of whales.
Old  Nuvuk area cemetery
Four wheel drive ruts on the sand near village site.
The plains near Nuvuk with caribou in the background.
The ocean breaking from beneath the ice onto the frozen beach.
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