provisions used by the
franklin expedition

Provisions Of The Franklin Expedition, 1845:

The provisions were purchased for: Goldnerís Patent Preserved Provisions, London.

From The Deptford Victualing Yard Report for HMS Terror, March 11, 1845. Supplies for 67 men for three years service.

16,884 pounds biscuits
56252 pounds flour in lieu of biscuit
2,288 gallons spirits, concentrated
2,490 gallons ale and porter
15,672 pounds salt beef
15,672 pounds salt pork
10,452 pounds flour
15,664 pounds preserved (tinned) meat
10,452 pints preserved (tinned) soups
7,839 pounds preserved (tinned) vegetables
2,613 pounds preserved 9tinned) potatoes
1,467 pounds suet
492 pounds raisins
72 bushels split peas
82 bushels oatmeal
6,859 pounds sugar
4,573 pounds Chocolate
1,143 ponds tea
653 gallons vinegar
3,510 pounds tobacco
4,573 pounds lemon juice
4,573 pounds sugar for ditto
1,755 pounds soap
1,306 pounds pickled cranberries
4,573 pounds pickles
1,248 Scotch barley
 2,093 pounds cheese
1,608 pounds butter
1,200 pounds macaroni
500 pounds pemmican
100 gallons wine (for the sick)
100 gallons brandy (for the sick)
500 pounds mustard
100 pounds pepper
55 pounds Normandy Pippins
20 pounds portable soup

When provisions ran out they ate each other.
Records show that many of the crew became sick and died. One thought is that the cans were soldered improperly and toxic levels of lead seeped into the food. Another theory is that the cans, for the food, were larger than ordered. Thereby, requiring a longer processing time. And if the cans were not heated long enough, some bacteria would have remained and the sickness could have been food poisoning.


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