GPS Locating Data
 Latitude and Longitude for your Map or for your Global Positioning Unit.

Geological Features:

Carcross Desert, Y.T. N-60-11.140, W-134-42.023
Dead Horse Gultch, Alaska, N-59-35.886, W-138-08.828
Lake Laberge, Yukon, (boat ramp) N-61-04.645, W-135-11.878
Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska,  N-58-25.00, W-134-32.868
Reid Falls, Alaska, N-59-28.419, W-135-17.191
Sawyer Glacier, South, Alaska, N-57-50.467, W-133-06.689
Sawyer Glacier, North, Alaska, N 57-54.852, W-133-09.939
White Pass Summit, Border Between Alaska and British Columbia, N-59-37.546, W-135-08.284

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