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Historical Sites:

Bennett City, B.C., Main Commercial Street, (Klondike Gold Rush), N-59-50.762, W-135-00.031
Carmack, Kate, Gravesite, (Klondike Gold Rush) N-60-09.791, W-134-41.333
Chilkoot Trail Start, (1898 Klondike Gold Rush) N59-30,748, W-135- 20.736
Chilkoot Trail End (1898 Klondike Gold Rush) N-59-50.708, W-134-59.850
Carcross, First Nations, Cemetery, Y.T., N-60-09.804, W-134-41.381
Dead Horse Gultch (1898 Klondike Gold Rush) N-59-35.886, W-138-08.828
Dyea Avalanche Cemetery (Chilkoot, Klondike Gold Rush) N-59-30.570, W-135-21.651
Dyea, Alaska, False Front Building (Klondike Gold Rush) N-59-30.266, W-135-21.211
Dyea, Alaska, Warehouse Building (Klondike Gold Rush) N-59-35.087, W-135-21.412
Lake Bennett Church (1898 Kondike Gold Rush) N-59-50.727, W-134-59.934
Lake Bennett Train Station, WP&YR, (1898 Kondike Gold Rush) N-59-50.707, W-134-59.735
Reid Frank, Gravesite (1898 Klondike Gold Rush), N-59-28.444, W-135-17.351
Skagway, Alaska (1898, Klondike Gold Rush), N-59-27.23, W-135-19.090
Skookum Jim Mason, Gravesite, (Klondike Gold Rush) N-60-09.792, W-134-41.335
Smith, Randolf "Soapy" Gravesite (1898 Klondike Gold Rush),  N-59-28.444, W-135-17.351
Tagish Charley, Gravesite (Klondike Gold Rush) N-60-09.794, W-134-41.336

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