The Greely  Expedition
(1883 report)
Great Anxiety for the Explorers-Their Chances of Obtaining Provisions
[Special Dispatch to The Evening Post.]
 WASHINGTON, September 14,. - The fears of the Signal Service officers as to the probable fate of Lieutenant Greely and his men have been increased by the more detailed information which has been received from St. Johns. The sensational stories of the Esquimaux are not credited. It is regarded as very unreasonable, for instance, that the men should have killed their officers, whose skill was much needed to aid them. But the greatest danger is apprehended from the failure to send them supplies. The Government does not now see how it will be possible to get any supplies to them this winter, unless sledges possibly may be able to reach them from Littleton's Island.
Up to noon to-day no information other  than that published in the morning papers had been received here from the Yantic. The friends of the explorers anxiously await particulars of the movements of that vessel. It is known that the provisions and stores on board the Proteus are all lost, but if the Yantic succeeded in landing some of her stores at one of the points described by Lieutenant Greely in his letter of instructions, there is still a chance that the party may reach the caches before the Arctic winter sets in, as they were to start on their southward march unless supplies reached them by the end of September.
Officers of the Signal Service say that it is unnecessary for friends of the party to become despondent, as something may yet be accomplished for their relief. "Although there is no available fund upon which to draw, extraordinary exigencies," said Lieutenant Caziarc, "allow us to use extraordinary discretion, and there is no reason to believe that the Greely party will suffer for want of food even though relief fails to reach them this year; as there are several stations at which provisions are stored that are known to Lieutenant Greely." Navy officers, however, do not take so hopeful a view of the situation as the Signal-Service men profess to do.
ource: The Evening Post, Volume 82,Evening Post Publishing Co.,210 Broadway, corner of Fulton Street,
New York, Friday, September 14, 1883
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