Observations of:
Commander W. S. Schley, U.S.N
Greely Relief Expedition.
The work of taking up the bodies was one of little difficulty. It was only needed  to remove the thin covering of sand from the mounds that formed the graves. Little could be seen of the conditions of the bodies, as they had been clothed, and all appeared to be intact. In preparing them subsequently, it was found that six, those of Lieutenant Kislingbury, and of Jewell, Ralston, Henry, Whistler and Ellis, had been cut, and flesh removed. Care was taken that there should be no mistake about their identity, and as each one was taken up, it was given a number corresponding with a number on a drawing made of the burial-ground. who had been in charge of the burials, so that identification was complete.
W. S. Schley, Commander.
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Source: Schley, W. S. Rescue of Greely, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1885, p 235
Image source: Kersting, Rudolf, The White World, New york, Lewis, Scribner & Co, 1902, p 15
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