Roster of
Greely expedition of 1881
Greely Expedition Roster, 1881 (Lady Franklin Bay Expedition). The Greely Expedition was an operation of the United States Army Signal Corps.
1st Lieutenant Adolphus W. Greely
2nd Lieutenant Frederick F. Kislingbury
2nd Lieutenant James B. Lockwood

Octave Pavy, Physician & Naturalist

Sergeant Edward Israel
Sergeant Winfield S. Jewell
Sergeant George W. Rice
Sergeant David C. Ralson
Sergeant Hampden S. Gardiner
Sergeant William Cross
Sergeant David L. Brainard
Sergeant David Linn
Corporal Nicholas Salor
Corporal Joseph Elison
Private Charles B. Henry
Private Maurice Connell
Private Jacob Bender (George Layerzaph)
Private Francis Long
Private William Whisler
Private Henry Biederbick
Private Julius Frederick
Private William A. Ellis
Private Roderick R. Schneider
Jens Edward, hunter and dog driver (Greenland native)
Thorlip Frederick Christiansen, hunter and dog driver (Greenland Native)

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