Hall's Expedition, 1871
Harper's Weekly, April 29, 1871
Scientific Intelligence:
The year 1871 bids fair to be marked in history of American Science for the great  number of exploring expeditions under the auspices of the United States government. Some of these  have already been mentioned in our columns; but we may briefly enumerate the whole, by noticing,  first, that of Captain C. F. Hall, the well known arctic traveler, for whose proposed polar exploration  the United States Steamer Periwinkle is now being prepared at the Washington Navy-yard. This vessel, of  nearly  four hundred tons burden, is said to be very stanch and reliable, and her equipment will be of the best  order. It is understood that the expedition will start about the end of May, and that  Captain Hall's scientific assistants will be Dr. David Walker, formerly known as the surgeon and physicist of Sir Leopold McKlintock's expedition in the Fox; and Dr. Emil Bessels, who has seen arctic service in a Spitzbergen expedition.
Editors note: The Periwinkle was renamed Polaris by Captain Hall.
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