Woolly Mammoth
By: J. Dorman, Steele, PhD.
- 1877 -
 The mammoth, or fossil elephant, was about one-third larger than any known to modern times, A tooth, in the ward cabinet, Rochester, weighs fourteen pounds. This animal wandered in great herds over England, thence to Siberia and across Behring's Straights into North America. Its Remains are very abundant. Over 2,000 molar-teeth were found in a few years by fisherman of the little village of Happisburg. The islands in the sea north of Siberia are but conglomerations of sand, ice and the tusks and teeth of elephants. During every storm, the waves wash loose and cast ashore this fossil ivory, which becomes a profitable article of commerce. Single tusks are found weighing over 200 pounds. In 1844, 16000 pounds are said to have been sold at St. Petersburg. The ivory thus obtained has been exported to China for five centuries, and yet the supply seems undiminished. The colossal size of these remains has given rise, among the Tartars, to a curious legend - an elephantine mouse - which lived underground, like a mole, and which instantly perished when exposed to the least ray of sun or moon.
In 1799, a fisherman discovered among the icebergs on the bank of the Lena, an odd-shaped block of ice. Two tears after, he found the tusks and flank of a mammoth protruding from it, and in five years the entire body became disentangled, and fell upon the sand. He removed the tusks and sold them. Two years subsequent, Mr. Adams, of the St. Petersburg Academy, heard of the discovery, and visited the spot. The people of the neighborhood had cut off pieces of the flesh for their dogs, and wild beasts had mangled it, but the skeleton was nearly entire. The skin yet covered the head; one of the ears, well preserved, was furnished with a tuft of hair; the neck had a flowing mane; and the body retained scattered tufts of reddish wool and black hair. Mr. Adams collected the bones, repurchased the tusks - which were more than nine feet long - and sold the unique specimen to the Emperor of Russia for $6000.
source: Steele, J. Dorman, PhD., The story of Rocks. Fourteen weeks in Popular Geology, New York, Chicago, and New Orleans, A.S.Barnes and Company, 1877 
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