Monodon monoceros. Narwhal.
by: Lieut. James Ross, R. N., F.L.S.
of the ship: Fury
William Parry Expedition, 1824

Very numerous in Baffin's Bay and Prince Regent's inlet, but none were killed. The head and horn of one was found above high-water mark at the head of Port Neill. The horn measured 8 feet, and at the base was 8 inches in circumference, gradually tapering to a fine point, completing 8 spiral turns from the base to the tip. It was very solid, except about five or six inches from the base, and weighed 15 1/2 lbs.
In the head the rudiments of the second horn, mentioned by Fabricius and Cuvier, were not discernible.

Source: Parry, William, Third voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage, Philadelphia: H. C. Carry and I. Lea, 1826, p.169
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