National Gazette and Literary Register
March 13, 1821
The Arctic Circle
The expedition for further discoveries within the Arctic Circle towards the Polar Sea,  is to be under the direction of Capt. Parry, who is appointed to command the Fury, of 18 guns, now fitting up at Depford. Lieutenants Read and Nias, who served in the late voyage to those inhospitable regions, are also appointed to the same ship. The second in command is Lieut. Lyon, promoted to the rank of commander, and to  the Hecla. Capt Lyon is the gentleman who, at Malta, volunteered to his service to accompany the late Mr. Richie, in his attempt to reach the Niger and Timbuctoo by the way of  Tripoli, and after his death penetrated a considerable distance into the interior of Africa, in the diguise of a true mussulman, and has greatly added to the geographical knowledge of that country. Lieut. Hoppner, son of the artisit of that name, is also appointed to the Hecla, and is , with Capt. Lyon, perfectly adequate to take accurate views of such places as the expedition may visit. Nearly all seaman who served in the late enterprize have again volunteered their services for this one; and Messrs.  Beverley and Fisher are appointed surgeons of the Fury and Hecla.- Bell's Mess.
Scource: National Gazette and Literary Register, Philadelphia, March 13, 1821
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