Robert Reary Polar Expedition, 1909
S.S. Roosevelt
Commander R. E. Peary,  U.S.N., Commanding Expedition
Captain R. A. Bartlett, Master Of Roosevelt  (see also Karluk,  1913)
Chief Engineer George A. Wasrdwell
Surgeon J. W. Goodsell
Professor Ross G. Marvin, Assistant
Professor D. B. MacMillan, Assistant
George Borup, Assistant
Charles Percy, Steward
Mate Thomas Gushue
Bosun John Connors
Seaman John Coady
Seaman John Barnes
Seaman Dennis Murphy
Seaman George Percy
2nd enagineer Banks Scott
Fireman James Bently
Fireman Patrick Joyce
Fireman Patrick Skeans
Fireman John Wiseman
The members of the sledge party:
Peary, Bartlett, Goodsell, Marvin, MacMillian, Borup, and Hendson.
Professor Ross G. Marvin drowned April 10th, returning from 86 degrees-38min. North Latitiude
Soource: Borup, George. A Tenderfoot With Peary, New York: Frederick A. Stkes Company, 1911, 274
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