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Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Citizens Oversight Committee
The problem:
PA-DEP is a giant bureaucracy, which can disregard laws and create regulation (equivalent of laws) that can restrict the lives of Pennsylvania citizens. Experience clearly shows that every individual worker at PA-DEP has the ability to create these regulations. They are untouchable by our elected officials, and untouchable by the citizens. We elect none of them. They also have the unending wealth of the taxpayer to defend themselves in court, which we don't. Therefore, they are in fact a Government within a Government, answerable to none, power over many.

PA-DEP has "Advisory Committiees". When PA-DEP does not like their advice, they ignore it. Then the committee is allowed to protest and that is the end of it.

PA-Dep does not respond or take complaints! The DEP staff will stonewall any attempt by a citizen who wishes to complain. They defend the bureaucracy at any cost on any issue.

The solution:
I am asking Pennsylvanians to support the creation of Citizen Oversight Committee to act as an advocate for the individual citizen, respond and review complaints, and have the power to enforce the decisions of the review committee. This is not an extraordinary request, most big city police forces have such an entity to curb abuse. Remember PA-DEP is the largest policing agency in Pennsylvania.

I care for the environment, and I understand the need for regulation, but the power must always remain with the people. There must be checks and balances and due process for all laws and regulations that we are subject to.

Please help to make the bureaucracy once again answerable to the people.

Contact your elected officials and ask for their support:
Pennsylvania State House of Represenatives
Pennsylvanian Senate member
Governor Ed Rendell
PA-Dep Secretary Kathleen McGinty ph: 717-787-2814

This page was created and paid for by Pennsylvania citizen
Jack L. McSherry, III, P.E., S.E.O.
To aid in the protection of the civil rights of all Pennsylvanians