Eskimos and Native People
of the North

History and Culture:
Historic  images of the Eskimo ||| Glacial Theory Of The Natives (Alaska)
Tlingit Customs (1896) ||| Historic Images of Haida Village ||| Eskimo Language
In Baffin Land (1915) ||| Historic Images of the Totem Poles of Ketchikan
Historic Image of a Totem Pole, Sitka, Alaska
Arts and Relics of Native People of the North ||| Magic Lantern Images of the Eskimo
Images of the Arctic People of Scandinavia ||| Notes on Eskimos
Traditional Eskimo Whaling Boat ||| The Kayak ||| Kotzebue Police Patch
Eskimo Villages:
||| Atqasuk ||| Nuvuk ||| Utqiagvik ||| Ulguniq |||
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